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  • Structurecraft – an advanced structural timber fabricator

    Structurecraft are a contractor specialising in the engineering, design detailing, supply and fabrication of complex, large and challenging timber structures. Though there is nothing especially... Read More

  • Cut My Timber

    Cut My Timber is a large and technologically advanced network of experienced timber engineers and fabricators. They use BIM and 3DCAD models provided by the contractor, to input into their... Read More

  • Modular housing manufacturing concepts

    Modular housing is not especially new and is a fixed feature of many northern hemisphere countries. Cold weather and the associated problem of limited site construction time, are often the... Read More

  • House chassis with furniture fitout

    A design concept borrowing from innovations in the automobile, electronics, aviation, and ship building industries. Here, buildings are designed based on using an integrated “chassis” whereby... Read More

  • Trimble’s Field Link for structures

    Trimble’s Field Link for Structures software is able to utilise a CAD or BIM file to provide site set out information. For instance corners, columns, anchor bolts and other important set out... Read More

  • BIM and 5D CAD

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) is increasingly used on large building projects and on repetitive design projects such as manufactured housing. It involves an intelligent and integrated 3D... Read More

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