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Mid ply shear wall

Wood frame construction has evolved to include 3 or 4 storey multi-family residence. Large, long span openings and the use of concrete toppings have become common practice but these new construction practices can create additional demand on lateral load resistance. Mid ply shear walls are a modification to traditional wall framing where the plywood shear wall panel is situated between two studs turned flatwise. Multiple plywood layers can be used to achieve higher levels of lateral resistance compared to traditional shear walls.


Panels constructed with the mid-ply system have more than double the shear resistance of single face ply-braced panels. The nails are in double shear and more stud surface area is available for connection. This system could be very useful in situations where only short runs of wall are available for bracing. Also could be useful against seismic loads.


More stud timber required and a slightly thicker wall.


The concept of a glue free, nailed only, fully automated manufactured panel is appealing. Material cost would be a possible issue, but it may suit use of low grade timber, even so, the mechanical fixing detail may call for a better grade of plantation softwood than glued systems. The manufacturing process is sophisticated. Milling of the laminate edges and nailing requires accurate computer controlled equipment which may be expensive. Many standard details have been thought out but would need adjustment for local conditions and termite considerations.


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