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MHM Solid wood Wall

A massive solid wood wall (can be floor also) consists of random width, dried 24mm thick boards. The boards are pre-processed with a specially developed cutterhead which cuts a 3mm step groove on either side and a series of 3mm x 3mm kerfs on one surface of the board. From the formed boards the “Wall Master” produces raw wall elements varying in sizes from 1.5m x 1.5m up to 3.25m x 6m and a thickness from 70mm to 345 mm, in which the boards are installed perpendicular (lengthwise and crosswise) and connected with aluminium groove spikes layer by layer. Each board intersection is nailed with two spikes in the greatest possible distance to each other (diagonally). This ensures the greatest possible stability. After reaching the desired wall thickness the raw wall element is moved into the CNC portal processing centre, where the element is formatted and the necessary door and window openings are cut. Also drilling for lifting slings, slots and recesses for heating and sanitary, as well as electrical sockets and other installation preparations are milled into the wall element by computer controlled tools.


Accommodates design flexibility, nad fast offsite manufacture. No offgassing as no glue or chemicals involved. The MHM cross laminated panels are suitable for three level loadbearing construction. The panels have similar advantages to other pre-cut cross laminated systems. Mass use of timber means large amounts of stored carbon for good environmental credentials.


Weight, cost given mass use of timber.


The concept of a glue free, nailed only, fully automated manufactured panel is appealing. Material cost would be a possible issue, but it may suit use of low grade timber, even so, the mechanical fixing detail may call for a better grade of plantation softwood than glued systems. The manufacturing process is sophisticated. Milling of the laminate edges and nailing requires accurate computer controlled equipment which may be expensive. Many standard details have been thought out but would need adjustment for local conditions and termite considerations.




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