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  • WoodHeart

    The concept of WoodHeart is to utilise the pine heartwood content in all the externally exposed surfaces of windows and doors where high stability and durability is needed. WoodHeart logs are... Read More

  • TITAN Wood/Accoya – Chemically modified wood

    Acetylation protects wood by actually changing its chemical structure: wood technologists describe the effect of acetylation as being analogous to effectively creating a “new wood”. They... Read More

  • ThermoWood

    ThermoWood is manufactured using a method developed by VTT (Finnish State Research Centre). The wood material is heated to a temperature of at least 180 degrees Celsius while it is protected by... Read More

  • Medite Extreme Durability MDF

    Medite Tricoya provides an external and wet area grade Medium Density Fibre board product. It makes use of Accoya treatment technology and has undergone extensive performance testing. It is said... Read More

  • Kebony Wood Treatment

    Kebony is a new environmentally friendly treatment that makes timber more durable, harder and more stable. Kebony upgrades targeted species to having characteristics similar to hardwoods. The... Read More

  • Greenweld

    Greenweld is a gluing process that can join pieces of sawn timber while still green (ie before drying and planing). The advantage is that the joined product only has to be dried and planed once.... Read More

  • Belmadur

    Belmadur is a wood modification technology where the characteristics of the wood are noticeably improved.  It involves vacuum impregnated chemical treatment that improves timber performance... Read More

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