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  • Expan Quiet Floors

    Panelised floor system that includes two variants: The timber only version uses LVL beams coupled with either an invertible upper or lower timber floor plate. Future development of ths system... Read More

  • Cross Laminated Timber

    Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) refers to panels made up of boards laid in transverse layers capable of two way spanning action. Fabrication of large wall and floor elements is possible and though... Read More

  • Cree multi-storey timber building system

    Cree (via its manifestation in the “life-cycle tower project“) represents a hybrid timber-concrete construction system that is more advanced than many other timber oriented systems, in so far... Read More

  • Carter Holt Harvey Panelised Wall System

    Panelised wall system originally developed for remote housing applications. It uses standard wall framing with plywood sheathing – all fabricated offsite. The systems allows fast progress to... Read More

  • Weyerhauser Flak Jacket fire resistant joists

    “I” Joists with intumescent (fire resistant) coating applied to selected faces during manufacture. No special change to construction required. Benefits The concept is a useful addition to... Read More

  • The SoundBar System

    The SoundBar system is an acoustic floor system made up of three components: Finforest I-joists (FinnJoist) for the structural load-bearing part of the system. Finnforest SoundBar board on... Read More

  • Heraklith wood wool insulation

    Magnesite bound wood wool slabs with good thermal and noise insulation properties. It is typically used in panel product which use wood wool on the outer skins with more conventional insulation... Read More

  • Aerogel insulation

    Very high performance thermal and fire insulation that is very thin, lightweight and rigid. It is a synthetic porous material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been... Read More

  • LP Top Notch

    Involves platform floor sheeting which is provided with a rain channel in the spline connecting adjoining sheets together. here, teh spline is periodically notched to allow surface water to... Read More

  • WoodHeart

    The concept of WoodHeart is to utilise the pine heartwood content in all the externally exposed surfaces of windows and doors where high stability and durability is needed. WoodHeart logs are... Read More

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