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  • Mid ply shear wall

    Wood frame construction has evolved to include 3 or 4 storey multi-family residence. Large, long span openings and the use of concrete toppings have become common practice but these new... Read More

  • MHM Solid wood Wall

    A massive solid wood wall (can be floor also) consists of random width, dried 24mm thick boards. The boards are pre-processed with a specially developed cutterhead which cuts a 3mm step groove on... Read More

  • Massive timber systems Die Brettstapelbauweise

    This version of Brettstapel uses massive timber plate elements which are premanufactured automatically by mostly using aluminium nails to hold boards together. Other manufacturers in the market... Read More

  • Lignotrend Timber Systems

    Lignotrend involves panel elements created using several timber layers with the grain direction perpendicular to each neighbouring layer. The layers are cleverly arranged achieving hollow wall... Read More

  • Lignatur Floor/Ceiling Plate System

    Lignatur is a hollow box system forming a timber equivalent of pre-cast concrete planks about 1.0m wide. Planks can be joined together to form floor/ceiling plates but evenso, the system is... Read More

  • Leno – Massiv Timber Systems

    Leno®-Massiv timber systems involve massive elements (plates) created with fingerjointed long boards which are glued together in several layers. As in plywood, the grain direction of the layers... Read More

  • Kielsteg

    Kielsteg involves wide panel elements with very good spanability of up to 30 metres. The panels have a high strength module consisting of trimmed timber top and bottom belts with ply or OSB webs.... Read More

  • Kerto

    Kerto is produced from 3mm rotary-peeled Spruce veneers glued together to form a continuous billet. There are different variants of the base product including: Kerto-S: suited to deliver long... Read More

  • Hinged Roofs

    Deep raftered casettes or structural timber panels are made into gable roof segments in a factory environment. A hinge mechanism is used to join opposing roof planes along the ridge line (apex).... Read More

  • HIB plywood block panels

    Advanced prefab wall panel/block using cavity construction via two opposing composite timber skins. The two faces of the block are held together by “plates” (similar to very narrow jack... Read More

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